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Attention Educators

If you are an educator or teacher and would be interested in collaborating with Holidays on the Net on a class project for a particular holiday let us know. We have had a successful project with the first grade classes at St. Pius X Elementary School, New Orleans, Louisiana which resulted in Mardi Gras on the Net.

If you are interested in working together we can offer web space, programming and graphic help to create a website with your class or students.

Since there are many holidays celebrated throughout the different countries of the world it would almost be impossible to have them all. We are trying! If you have a suggestion for a holidays you'd like to see celebrated let us know.

This is especially true as we are more familiar with the North American holidays and we could always use help in learning about other countries festivals and holidays.

If you have a holiday you would be interested in working together on or you would like more information please contact us via email at